5 Photos That Will Get You Psyched for Springtime!

Emma’s Artist of the Month Collection  

With the snowy season dragging into March, many of you may be wondering – is it springtime yet? Nine year-old Shutterbug Emma’s refreshing collection is sure to put a “spring” in your step (…see what we did there?!). Her mix of scenic landscapes, unconventional portraits, and documentary shots give us a fun peek into her experience living in rural Washington state.

This bright collection is sure to get you psyched for springtime and help you escape the last of the winter doldrums.

Emma, 8 years old, The Sun of Feels

“The Sun of Feels”

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Pro’s Talk Shutterbugs: Curator Russell Lord Shares his Pick from NOLA

Today is the Big Day in the Big Easy (Mardi Gras, of course!), and we’re debuting a special collection of photographs taken by our Shutterbugs students in New Orleans that embody the spirit and energy that makes the Crescent City truly unique. Photos like this one are totally noteworthy – take it from an expert curator, Russell Lord!

Juliett, 14 years old, Miraculous Cures at St. Roch

“Despite the numerous hardships undergone by the city of New Orleans, it has persisted, often due to the devotion of its citizens and their love for its history and culture. The beautiful image above is an homage to devotion, a picture of relics that were left in the unwavering belief in the possibility of miracles. Worn but not worn-out, the relics persist, embodying both resilience and love. I like to think that the photographer is as hopeful as those that left these relics.”

– Russell Lord, Curator of Photography
New Orleans Museum of Art 

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.05.30 PM
Like what you see? Purchase Miraculous Cures at St. Roch by Juliett here!

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Photo Credit of Russell Lord by Eileen Travell.

A Valentine’s Day Treat from One Tough Cookie

In honor of the Month of Love, we’re all about sharing the photos we <3, with you! And what better way to get struck by cupid’s arrow than with Artist of the Month 12 year-old Gracie from Freehold, NJ. Grace, aka “Cookie” is an avid photographer and likes that her camera is small and portable, which makes it easy to take it with her wherever she goes!

Grace’s motto is, “You have no choice but to be strong, but you can choose to be happy and positive!” Pair that with photos that are sweet, thoughtful, and easy-on-the-eyes – it’s hard not to fall in love. The images in her collection share a “slice of life” immediacy that comes with always being camera-ready for the next great shot. Take a second to contemplate her images in this collection, because there’s almost always more to them than can be seen at first glance. You just might become smitten yourself!

Grace, 13 years old, Colt Sunrise

Colt Sunrise” by Grace, 12 years old

We’re glad Grace had her camera with her just in time to capture the sunrise in this cool, atmospheric landscape shot. She photographed the mist rising over the baseball field from the car taken while dropping her brother off at school. Grace says, “I liked how it looked like a painting, how the land and trees are mixed in with the fog and sun.” She titled the photo “Colt Sunrise” because her brother’s school mascot is the Colt. This image is painterly, pastoral and perfect. Bravo!

Grace, 12 years old, Untitled

Untitled” by Grace

Paint splatter? An other-worldly phenomenon? This image is delightfully deceptive – these celestial green bands appear both flat and three dimensional at the same time. What’s her secret? Grace photographed this image in her backyard at night, while her father shone a green laser on the grass. Using a slow shutter speed to capture the movement of light, she expertly layers texture, line and color to create an artful and intriguing composition. Take a closer look and you can even see the blades of grass on the ground!

Grace, 12 years old, Untitled

Untitled” by Grace

This bold red image contrasts nicely to green composition above – it is a different kind of study in color and light. Grace captures the bright warmth of a row of candles in a church. For her, “the candles represent a different person and each person saying a prayer.” Her photograph is soft, subtle, and calm- yet the message speaks louder than words.

Grace, 12 years old, Untitled

Untitled” by Grace

This next photo tricks the eye with its interplay of shapes, color and pattern. Plus, it’s an example of Grace’s favorite color (pink!) and favorite lesson in perspective – worm’s eye view. This grand image was created by simply getting down on her knees to snap the shot from under the table at a restaurant. Grace adds, “I like the patterns in it. If you look at it once you wouldn’t see all the details, but you look at it again there’s a little something hidden.” Nice work, Grace!

“Photography helped get my mind off of everything that was happening. It was a good distraction, to have something else to focus on other than my cancer treatment. I like photography because you can tell a story through it. You can turn one picture into a billion different things. And I like doing it! It’s relaxing and stress relieving.” – Grace, Pablove Shutterbugs student

Grace is 12 years old (going on 30, says Mom) and lives in Freehold, NJ. People who know her well call her “Cookie”- a nickname she’s had since birth because her parents knew she’d need to be a tough cookie to put up with her boisterous older brother. Grace has lived up to the nickname ever since, and is returning to the seventh grade this semester. Go Cookie!