Meet Abigail!

At just 13 years old, Abigail has a knack for capturing life and the world around her. She recently participated in Pablove Shutterbugs program in Denver, and discovered that her favorite thing about photography is being able to capture a moment in time so that she and others can witness it again and again.

Whether it’s reading a good book under a tree, or bravely hitting the ski slopes, Abigail would much rather be outside than in. This is reflected in her photography, as she prefers to photograph nature rather than people (although her cat is her next favorite subject). Abigail explains, “People aren’t as interesting. The outdoors are too beautiful not to capture.” Her goal is to paint a picture of the great outdoors with her work.

“Doorway to the Sky”

“Doorway to the Sky”, Abigail’s favorite photo, illustrates Abigail’s eye for perspective, depth and capturing the surreal. She spotted this photo opportunity while practicing a worm’s eye view technique. “I bent down and made the camera look up.”


“Don’t be Afraid to LIVE”

“Don’t be Afraid to LIVE” was both designed and captured by our young photographer. While on a walk in the park, Abigail decided to send a message to the world. Abigail thought that not only would this be a cool photo visually, but maybe she could inspire others as well. “I wanted people to get outside and do things,” said Abigail.


“Content Cat”

Second to nature shots, Abigail’s second favorite subject is her cat. When asked about this photo, Abigail told us that “the angle was an accident.” She thinks this is a funny picture and that her cat was just acting really cute. Abigail adds “I think my cat will be thrilled about being famous”.



Did you know hummingbirds flap their wings up to 70 times per second?  Now imagine how difficult it is to portray this bird looking still and calm. Abigail nailed it! Abigail’s attention to detail and ability to capture precious moments with a steady hand are what make Abigail a super star artist-of-the-month.


Abigail still takes photos of her outside adventures, and, of course, still photographs her cat. When asked why supporters should buy her prints, Abigail reveals that she is wise beyond her years. “People should know that if they buy a print, their money is being used for a great purpose. By paying for a photo, they are saving future lives and stopping suffering of all kinds. The cure is the answer and we all need to fight for it, not just cancer patients. Any help is appreciated, and will be used for amazing good in the future.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Abigail.