Happy Birthday, Model T!

Henry Ford, Model T, 1908
Henry Ford and Model T, circa 1908.

Over a hundred years ago, on October 1, 1908, the first Ford Model T car rolled off the assembly line in Detroit, Michigan. The Model T was the first car of it’s kind to make the automobile affordable and accessible to many Americans. This huge technological advancement paved the way (pun intended!) for the rise of car culture in the US. And so began our love affair- at 107 years young, we are still swept up by the magic of the automobile.

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October Artist of the Month: Juliett

It’s no surprise that Juliett likes reading The Grimm’s Brother’s fairy tales- her photos have an eery, magical quality that’s part fantasy, part reality. Juliett’s images in this October collection are fittingly ghostly for the Halloween season (which just so happens to be her favorite holiday). Beware, they just may send a chill down your spine!

Juliett, 14 years old, Untitled

As you can see, her photographs are steeped with muted colors, feeling, and an air of mystery. Juliett is interested in creating images that mean something to her, and likes to use the black and white feature to create an older, more vintage feel. Scroll through the collection and you definitely get a sense of leaving this era and finding yourself in another.

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