Joey’s DeLIGHTful Perspective

Joey, our Pablove Shutterbugs Artist of the Month, wants to show you the light in his San Francisco Bay area life.

While participating in the 5 week fundamentals course, 14 year old Joey decided that he would focus most of his efforts on photographing light. Why, you ask? Well, he said, “because you can’t really look at [the lights] with your eyes, so you can take a picture and see it differently.”

Take a look at some of the creative ways Joey illuminated his photos!


For one of his first class assignments, Joey deliberately used both natural light and artificial light when taking this photo in his living room. We love the blurry effect of the reflection contrasted against the clear clock behind the television.

Joey said, “I liked how the blinds looked because of the sunlight shining through.”


“Jelly Fish”

By kneeling down and shooting with his camera straight up, Joey’s imagination transformed this ordinary kitchen light into a blazing jellyfish! The shadows of the lamp shade combined with the halo of light from the bulb form this magnificent photograph.

It’s easy to see why this is Joey’s favorite photo!


“See Through”

Rings of clear distortion create an interesting view of the sun. By experimenting with different items from his house, Joey was able to capture this shot by placing a glass over his camera lens and facing it towards the skyline. The circular pattern zeroes into a cool focus point directly on the light!


“Thinking Joey”

When challenged to take a portrait without his face in the shot, Joey got creative.

“I used the time setting and ran over to the bench and sat down.”

Even in this photo, his use of light is intentional.

“I liked how the sun hit the trees above me, and cast shadows on the ground.”


Joey still takes photos of the many different kinds of light in his life, and has also expanded his artistry. He now takes photographs to use as inspiration for sketches! Besides the photography, Joey said that his favorite part about Pablove was his interactions with the other students.

“I liked meeting kids with the same kinds of cancer as me.”

When asked about selling his prints on the Pablove Printshop, Joey was excited about the possibility of his pictures helping kids like him.

He says, “You should buy one of my photos because it would be used to help find a cure.”

When not taking photos, Joey likes to play video games and hang out with his family. They usually play games like Pictionary where he says they don’t take score, but just play for fun.