Morning Rituals and Captured Moments in the Big Easy

As the sun rises over New Orleans, you’ll find 15-year old H.T. stepping out into the humid air for his morning ritual: taking pictures. As our Artist of the Month (as well as being featured recently at the 2017 New Orleans Gallery Show), H.T.’s collection provides a sneak peek into his self-described “cool life.”

This 10th grader takes most of his photos just outside of his house. H.T. uses different skills he learned in class to give us glimpses of his day-to-day, such as the sights he sees through the holes of his backyard gate, to the clouds that fill the color-changing sky.

H.T.’s favorite experience during photography class was working with light. He said, “It was so cool spinning flashlights. The photos looked like fireworks!” H.T. also uses his knowledge of light for another purpose: to bring his drawings of people to life. How cool is that?

Let’s take a look at some of his pictures.


Does this image of H.T’s most recent gallery show selection remind you of a popular children’s story? That’s what he hopes.

“I wanted to make my shoe look huge!” he explained, describing his technique. H.T. loves using worm’s eye view to make himself look like a giant (Jack and the Beanstalk, anyone?).


When the sky turned orange and glowed like fire, H.T. made his way to the porch to capture this striking sunset photo.

“I snapped a bunch of pictures to get the best shot – the sky looked so cool and I wanted to see it again someday.” Now, he will never forget it.


This next image is sure to reveal the beauty of a New Orleans morning — what a contrast to the “Sunset” shot above. Taken from his front porch, H.T. captures the light of the sun as it reflects off fluffy clouds. The balance of blue and white combined with hints of dark green work to certainly please our aesthetic senses.


The wonders of the world beyond this fence were deftly captured with the contrast of color and focus in this shot. H.T. says he was intentional in choosing this perfectly imperfect hole – even though it isn’t a full circle, the lines continue in an interesting circular pattern. His family gets to enjoy this photo everyday, since it hangs in their living room!

When asked why people should buy his Pablove prints, H.T. replied, “They should buy my photos because they will be helping to find a cure for childhood cancer, and that will give children a long life. It’s important.“ We think so too, H.T.

After participating in Pablove Shutterbugs for the past two years, H.T. now wants to pursue a career taking pictures as a professional photographer. We look forward to seeing his future work!