Pro’s Talk Shutterbugs: Curator Russell Lord Shares his Pick from NOLA

Today is the Big Day in the Big Easy (Mardi Gras, of course!), and we’re debuting a special collection of photographs taken by our Shutterbugs students in New Orleans that embody the spirit and energy that makes the Crescent City truly unique. Photos like this one are totally noteworthy – take it from an expert curator, Russell Lord!

Juliett, 14 years old, Miraculous Cures at St. Roch

“Despite the numerous hardships undergone by the city of New Orleans, it has persisted, often due to the devotion of its citizens and their love for its history and culture. The beautiful image above is an homage to devotion, a picture of relics that were left in the unwavering belief in the possibility of miracles. Worn but not worn-out, the relics persist, embodying both resilience and love. I like to think that the photographer is as hopeful as those that left these relics.”

– Russell Lord, Curator of Photography
New Orleans Museum of Art 

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.05.30 PM
Like what you see? Purchase Miraculous Cures at St. Roch by Juliett here!

View the entire collection now.

Photo Credit of Russell Lord by Eileen Travell.

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  • Mr. Lord’s perspective adds valuable insight into an already deeply meaningful image. Thank you!

    by Jane Cheung on February 12, 2016

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