5 Photos That Will Get You Psyched for Springtime!

Emma’s Artist of the Month Collection  

With the snowy season dragging into March, many of you may be wondering – is it springtime yet? Nine year-old Shutterbug Emma’s refreshing collection is sure to put a “spring” in your step (…see what we did there?!). Her mix of scenic landscapes, unconventional portraits, and documentary shots give us a fun peek into her experience living in rural Washington state.

This bright collection is sure to get you psyched for springtime and help you escape the last of the winter doldrums.

Emma, 8 years old, The Sun of Feels

“The Sun of Feels”

We’re tickled pink by the warm hues in this landscape! Emma describes how this shot came to be: “We were on a dock on Puget Sound trying to take a picture of a seal, and then I decided to get an example of reflections. I like how the boat is right in the center of the sunlight, and how the mountains have snow on them (even though it was taken during the spring)!” The composition is classic, and calming – a great view to end the day!


“Titan at Rest”

Emma spends a lot of time outside at her grandmother’s farm, and loves to tell stories about the animals she has befriended there. Who is pictured here? Titan the Cow, of course! Emma adds, “He usually lays down at the farm because he’s pretty old. I spend a lot of time with him so he’s used to me. I liked how he’s looking right at the camera- it’s a cool portrait!” You can tell by his easy gaze and relaxed composure that Titan is very familiar with this photographer. Cool portrait, indeed!

Emma, 8 years old, Family


This touching portrait tells the story of a day at the park. Unbeknownst to most viewers, Emma is actually in this photograph! She is the figure on the right hand side. She decided to set up a self timer shot that includes herself, her mother, and her younger sister Ayla holding hands. For Emma, it’s a portrait embodying the theme of “family”. This sweet image gives us that warm fuzzy feeling – don’t you feel it too?


“New Home”

Pink walls in a chicken coop? This seems a little out of the norm to us city slickers. Turns out this coop used to be Emma’s old playhouse. Emma says, “It’s pink because my grandma painted it pink for us to play inside. It used to have sinks and a table and chair in it. Now the chickens live there!” The vibrant colors, natural lighting, and quirky subjects lend a contemporary feel and unique touch to a common barnyard scene.  

Emma, 8 years old, Emma's Angels

“Emma’s Angels”  

This final photo of an angel statue found in her great-grandmother’s garden holds a lot of significance for Emma. When she was first diagnosed with cancer in pre-school, her school mates supported her by wearing bands with the words “Emma’s Angels”. Ever since, the guardian angel has been a meaningful symbol for her cancer journey. She wears her guardian angel necklace every day, even 4-years off treatment.

“Thank you for helping to support cancer research and I hope you enjoy my pictures!” – Emma

Emma is 9 years old and lives in Port Orchard, Washington. She plays on a basketball team called the All Stars, and loves visiting her Grandma on her farm. Her favorite superhero is Super Woman. Emma has been off treatment for four years now, and wants to play soccer on the Women’s National Soccer Team when she grows up.


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