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Advanced Class


#📸aCure with Pablove Shutterbugs Advanced Class


From the very start, we aimed to make Pablove Shutterbugs a program for kids who were going through cancer treatment to use art to escape from their disease. Our classes were a creative diversion, where cancer, the unspoken bond of every student in the room, “wasn’t invited to the party.” As we watched our Shutterbugs grow and develop into skilled photographers, we witnessed something extraordinary happening in their work. A theme had emerged. Our students were using photography as a tool to cope with what they had experienced during their treatment and recovery. The camera lens had become their viewfinder on life after cancer— and how it had changed them, and the way they saw the world.

We launched the Shutterbugs Advanced Class in 2017, as a way to encourage this healing creative process and reflection on their cancer journey. The photos and stories that resulted from the students in the project are a fascinating reminder about the fragility of life, virtue of art and the power of love.

Please explore each students’ story and empower their social movement by purchasing a fine-art quality print. Our Advanced Class is determined to raise $50,000 to award to one daring scientist a pediatric cancer research grant. With this goal in mind, Pablove’s mission comes full circle and our Shutterbugs become advocates for other kids living with cancer.

Can you #📸aCure for childhood cancer? Join our Movement!