Happy Birthday, Model T!

Henry Ford, Model T, 1908
Henry Ford and Model T, circa 1908.

Over a hundred years ago, on October 1, 1908, the first Ford Model T car rolled off the assembly line in Detroit, Michigan. The Model T was the first car of it’s kind to make the automobile affordable and accessible to many Americans. This huge technological advancement paved the way (pun intended!) for the rise of car culture in the US. And so began our love affair- at 107 years young, we are still swept up by the magic of the automobile.

Leslie, 10 years old, Yellow Car
Leslie, 12 years old, “Yellow Car“, Los Angeles, CA.

Here at The Pablove Foundation, we hold Ford’s commitment to innovation near and dear. And, with Pablove HQ based in Los Angeles, we know a thing or two about car culture. As you can see, the automobile is an object of fast-ination for our Pablove Shutterbugs students, too. From toy cars to hot rod cruisers, our craze for cars is clear. Let’s hit the road!

Nick, 14 years old, Hot Rod on Alandra Blvd.
Nick, 14 years old, “Hot Rod on Alandra Blvd.,” Los Angeles, CA.

Hot Rod indeed! In “Hot Rod on Alandra Blvd.”, Nick captures a documentary snapshot of a cruiser in LA with some serious retro cool. This is a shot that could have been taken four days or forty years ago. You tell us!

Joshua, 13 years old, Check Out My New Wheels
Joshua, 13 years old, “Check Out My New Wheels”, New York, NY.

Henry Ford once said, “You can paint it any color…” This lemon-yellow dreamboat closeup captured by Joshua is a balanced study in shape and color.

Marcos, 12 years old, Untitled
Marcos, 12 years old, “Untitled“, Los Angeles, CA.

Okay – not all our rides come with four wheels – nice worm’s eye shot of a cool two wheeler, Marcos! 

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