October Artist of the Month: Juliett

It’s no surprise that Juliett likes reading The Grimm’s Brother’s fairy tales- her photos have an eery, magical quality that’s part fantasy, part reality. Juliett’s images in this October collection are fittingly ghostly for the Halloween season (which just so happens to be her favorite holiday). Beware, they just may send a chill down your spine!

Juliett, 14 years old, Untitled

As you can see, her photographs are steeped with muted colors, feeling, and an air of mystery. Juliett is interested in creating images that mean something to her, and likes to use the black and white feature to create an older, more vintage feel. Scroll through the collection and you definitely get a sense of leaving this era and finding yourself in another.

A picture-perfect example of this technique is her image of an abandoned structure in the middle of the Louisiana bayou. Juliett reflects, “I used black and white because I felt like it told more of a story. The abandoned, run down little hut looked really old and I think if someone had to live there they would be kind of lonely, on your own far out in the swamp.” This timeless image is a favorite at Pablove HQ.

Juliett, 14 years old, Untitled

Juliett beautifully documents an emotional experience at the St. Roch Cemetery through photographs. Of her black and white photograph of a row of tombstones, she remarks: “I kinda felt like I should capture the feeling of someone else being there. We were learning about directional lines- I wanted the viewer’s eye to look directly at this particular spot, all the tombstones were leading straight down the middle.” This beautifully composed, balanced image leaves all of us feeling contemplative.  

Juliett, 14 years old, Miraculous Cures at St. Roch

Her texture-rich photograph of ceramic prosthetics has a similarly unsettling feel. This scene is actually a shrine to honor St. Roch, the patron saint of miraculous cures. Many years ago, these mementos were left behind as thank-you gifts to the Saint to cure a variety of ailments. A snapshot like this certainly isn’t something you see every day! The peaceful yet provocative photograph speaks to the same mystical quality as the others in this series.

Juliett, 14 years old, New Orleans

“Cancer happens! If it can happen to me, it can happen to someone you know. Photography is one of the many hobbies I feel that I can put all of my heart into. It’s an outlet from reality for me. Pablove helped me capture memories that I caught on camera to make images that I am willing to share. Please buy a print to help fund pediatric cancer research! Thank you for helping kids that have been affected by cancer.” – Juliett

Juliett is 15 years old and from LaPlace, Louisiana. She is in the 10th grade and loves hanging out with her friends and skateboarding. Fun fact about Juliett: she works at a Haunted House during Halloween. Juliett plans to go to college to be an English major. What’s on her must-read list? “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” by Jacob + Wilhelm Grimm and “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck.

You can check out her complete collection here.


  • I’m so proud you Juliett!! You are such a creative, compassionate, intellegent, a VINTAGE chick!!?? I love you girl!!

    by Skylar Ming on October 1, 2015
  • When I saw the name, somehow I knew this was my niece!! Beautiful story for a beautiful girl. I don’t even know how I came across this page. I do love those photos and would love to see more. Love you!!

    by Karen Johnston Williams on October 1, 2015
  • Jules, Nanny Tots is so proud of the beautiful, intelligent and talented young woman that you’ve become! Keep up the great work and continue pursuing and achieving your goals and dreams! Love you Jules!!

    by Tatiana on October 1, 2015

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