November Artist of the Month: Julia

This November, Pablove heads to The Big Apple! In honor of our Gallery Show taking place in the City, we’ll be showing our (pab)love for all things New York. First up is our Artist of the Month, Queens native Julia.

Julia, 9 years old, Untitled

Julia’s collection is as diverse as the City itself. Her photos span across NYC – from the Hall of Science, to city streets, to a serene beach in New Jersey – she captures it all! As a photographer, she makes use of the first rule as a Shutterbug: carry your camera everywhere. For Julia, taking photos is all about saving memories and telling the story about a particular moment in time. What do her images say to you?

Julia, 8 years old, Glow in the Dark

Woah! Watch out. This photo glows with neon color, electricity, and personality. How did she capture this shot? Turns out, Julia took this dynamic portrait of her brother at the NY Hall of Science wearing a special helmet.  

Julia, 9 years old, Untitled

This beautiful, serene image perfectly captures that end-of-day calm rarely found in the City That Never Sleeps. Julia reflects, “I like to go like to to different places and take pictures because I like the view or I want to remember it as a memory from when I was younger.” The balanced composition and warm lighting in this beachy landscape are a breath of fresh air!

Julia, 9 years old, Green Giant Leaf

This imaginative photo is Julia’s favorite, and we agree! The subtle, close-up details and texture create an almost abstract representation of a leaf. Julia shot this photo from below, remembering: “I took the leaf with the tips of my fingers and tilted it up. I remembered about the bird’s eye and the worm’s eye views that we learned in class, I thought it would be really cool to do that.” Cool, indeed.

Julia, 9 years old, Untitled

If you’re itching to see more from Julia, stop by the New York Gallery Show on Friday, November 6th to view her and her classmate’s photography in person! If you can’t catch a flight to NYC, the entire collection can be viewed here.

“It would be a great opportunity to buy one my pictures to raise money for children’s cancer [research] because those kids are sick, like I once was. It was very hard for me to get past those challenges, and now I feel good that I improved and made the best of the things that I couldn’t do before. Taking pictures helped!” – Julia

Julia is in the 5th grade and lives in Queens, NY. She has been cancer-free for 18 months! If she could have any superpower, it would be to save the lives of animals. Julia told us that due to her cancer diagnosis, she wasn’t able to write using her right hand anymore. She had to find creative ways to hold the camera, practice her motor skills, and adapt to becoming a lefty. That’s pretty inspiring.

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