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Emilee Lien

When I was three, I had cancer, and honestly, I don’t think I was expected to still be here today. But, I am. As time passed, I started to realize the reality of the situation— how if things were different, I would have been gone without having seen so much of the world. How my mom and dad would have gone from parents to just a married couple. There is a certain special feeling I have, as if I had been blessed with a second chance at life. Even though I don’t believe in a higher being.

As time passed, I started to notice myself become more in awe of the things around me, as if I am thanking the world for letting me still be here today. So I try to take photographs of what would be called small moments, so I can appreciate it all. There is a thought out there that many people have, in which they think they need to do a bunch of grand things to live a full life. But I believe it’s when we do and appreciate the small things that we create a life that’s grand. With these different outlooks on life, we can all be happier, which is why I try to look for unique perspectives and moments when I take photographs.


Cancer changed me because it taught me how to live, and be thankful for every moment I have, no matter how rare. I hope my viewers can enjoy the small things because in the end you may realize those were the important things in life.