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Bárbara Vasquez

Advocating for pediatric cancer through photography is similar to “a picture is worth a thousand words” – I feel an image can show a lot about someone’s cancer experience, including their struggles and the reason behind their advocacy.

My photographs showcase my past, the memories I’ve kept, and the things that motivate me. My images go back in time and reflect on what helped me keep going, despite being diagnosed with an illness that impacted me both physically and mentally. Reflecting on my pediatric cancer experience shows me firsthand the growth and strength I’ve gained with time.

I’ve always tried not to let the past get the best of me and to keep celebrating the blessings of being alive and healthy today. Photography has allowed me the ability to capture the little things in my life that I know I’m going to look back on as an important memory. Who knows – maybe an image I’ve captured now may lead into something big or inspiring for me in the future.