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Being someone who was diagnosed with pediatric cancer in my freshman year of high school, it’s important to me that other people don’t have to experience a similar path. I missed out on getting to know my teachers, or even make proper friends, and it was also the beginning to something later on important; making sure I graduated on time and get into my desired colleges. I never got the experience of being a high-school Freshman and some would say I’m lucky for that – I thought so too, till I realized it’s actually really important to me; To create different, fun memories with potential friends instead of developing a level trauma that affects me no matter where I am. That’s important. Using photography to advocate pediatric cancer is a chance for me to help others in some way and benefit research so that other people, of any age, don’t have to experience a pause in a fast paced world. Through my photography, I tell my story involving coping skills, going into remission, and catching up on my life, focusing on the way I viewed how I live, with the friends I made when I went back to school, and how I kept myself grounded during treatments. With the photos I bring to Pablove, learning how to tell my story with a camera, it’s impacted how I view my daily occurrences. It allowed me to deeply think into how I feel about everything that happened. So with my work, I truly inspire to help voice other stories with my own and to help others now and in the future dealing with pediatric cancer.