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My name Giancarlos Luna. I’m a 16 year old Dominican who will change your life by sharing how much I went through, and I’m still able to look at the glass half full. At the age of 5, I was diagnosed with Burkitts, Lymphoma. It appeared to be a tumor on my neck, and this is where my journey begins. Months and months in the hospital, going through chemotherapy, blood tests, surgery’s, and things a 5 year old shouldn’t go through. And even though it sounded like a prison, I made the best out of it. I made one friend with the same cancer as me. We hung out until it was his time to go. Treatment went well and I’m out, I’m an ordinary kid again. I had to adjust to the normal life, and a couple years later I was introduced to Pablove. It’s an organization that has kids like me (with cancer or had) to take photos and sell them for charity to find a cure for cancer. By going to this, I noticed the strength of photography, and how it could impact me. I noticed that I can express my cancer story through my pictures. And it’s not about the cancer story, it could be about my journey I’m still going through. Even though I’m cured, the journey never stops.