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It is important for me to be an advocate for pediatric cancer through photography because it empowers me to tell my cancer experience that I dared not to share before. When I was diagnosed with cancer recurrence and doctors couldn’t even confirm the cancer type, I was dreadful. Now I have built up the courage and determination to tackle down cancer, again. Pediatric cancer is painful. It has a huge impact on children’s lives, and it is a hard subject to talk about. On the other hand, pediatric cancer is also full of love. Because it is surrounded by love from families, care from the medical staff, and support from everyone around. Patients battling pediatric cancer should not be invisible or discriminated against. These children are brave and strong and they ought to be remembered and loved.

These images reflect my own experiences. Cancer is just one part of my life. I am not afraid to talk about this subject with people anymore. I have my faith, my family, and my friends to support me through my treatment. I will live with love and courage, and share my love for life and a positive attitude through photography in the future.