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When I was fourteen years young, I was diagnosed with leukemia. At that age something like cancer can ruin your life; socially, physically, and emotionally. To me it is important to advocate about pediatric cancer because I know how hard it is to have cancer, fight through it, beat it, and then live with the outcome. Photography has given me the opportunity to reach the masses. With my photos, I’ve captured moments that make up what it is like to be a survivor of cancer. The experience alone has shaped me into the person I am today, adding gratitude to my surroundings and to the people who have been with me all along. The journey doesn’t just end the day you are told you are cancer-free, I don’t allow cancer to define me but it still has an effect on my daily activities. Photography has given me a chance tell my story. To show that I am happy, grateful to be alive, yet still recovering.