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Hi, my name Is Tessa Krause; I am 14 years old. I live in Los Angeles, and I am currently homeschooled attending West LA College in Culver City. My hobbies are Digital; Art Gaming, making videos, reading, shopping, with my friends and photography. The career I may go into is law, but I’m not sure of what type of law I want to be in yet. It’s essential for me to advocate my cancer story because I feel like cancer has a lot of assumptions about it and everyone honestly has their own story and their own experience I think photography is the best way for me and others to show their story because the only other way to know there story is talking to them personally. I try my best in every photo to explain how this is my story but without the writing, it would be tough to understand the picture Every picture has a different description to them but my favorite would be the different personalities because it shows my story the most out of all the images. Photography has impacted my life because wherever I go, I see so many things I want to take a photo. Of and it just really opened up my eyes to a new way to view the world I enjoy taking pictures now, and it is something that I can do because before everything I used to do for fun was physical activities. I hope you enjoy looking at my photos and reading the description if you have cancer yourself, I want to say you are brave and I want to hug you!