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This is my second time taking the Pablove advanced photography course. I loved the class last year and had a lot of fun. I took the class again to learn new and different things about photography. Pablove does an amazing job of giving me an outlet to express how I feel and share my story. It has been very therapeutic going to Pablove classes every Saturday and hear other students stories. The best thing about Pablove is they are giving it their all to find a cure for cancer and I want to contribute to it. The main reason I took the course again was to advocate for childhood cancer. Advocating for childhood cancer is very important to me because I want a cure for me and every other kid who has been diagnosed with cancer. I have been battling cancer for the past 5 years and the doctors keep telling me there isn’t a cure for me. I’ve been told getting chemo is just buying me time. No child/teenager should ever have to hear those words. I want to help kids/teenagers like me live a beautiful cancer free life.