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My name is Jovan Romo and I’m a first year at UCLA who really enjoys the simple things in life like listening to thrash metal on the beach while gazing at the sunset. My whole life I’ve enjoyed making an impact on the people I come across, because more than anything, I want to be remembered. At the young age of 8 years old I learned that at any given moment in time, our time can be over. I was diagnosed with Leukemia at 8 years old, and luckily I overcame that challenge in my life, but it is still something I am forced to live with everyday. I realized that we live on borrowed time and that it’s up to us to leave something to be remembered by, something to inspire those that come after. For this reason, I got into photography and documenting the important people and events in my life.


The Pablove foundation has been generous enough to provide me with the tools and training I need in order to effectively capture and convey my story. For this, I am forever grateful. Pablove has allowed me to share my story and the hardships I went through with my cancer journey with the world, and they’ve helped me hone my craft. It’s important for me to bring awareness to the disease that has shaped a big part of my life, and to do what I can to combat this epidemic that has affected so many families.


Yours truly,
Jovan Romo