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Being an advocate for pediatric cancer through photography is important because I sometimes keep my story to myself; I don’t really like sharing “verbally”. When I have my camera, I have the opportunity to sort of “silently share”. People can look at my photos and ask, “Oh, what were you feeling at the time?”, or “How does this relate to your story?”. When I am encouraged to let people know, I feel more comfortable and inspired to let people know. My photos can show an event of a routinely process, or something new. I want to take my camera everywhere to capture new moments and memories.
When I name and write about my photos, it gives me a sense of comfort and gives others awareness. Starting photography has really helped me with my outlook on life. It has given me a certain mood or feeling. I can sometimes imagine I am where the photo was taken. I forget about my cancer and when a photo is based on my cancer, I tell myself, “It’s okay, it’s okay. You are brave. It’s okay.”