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It’s important for me to advocate because it helps me pay it forward (the energies shared with me to reach remission). Two of my friends died. They were 9 and 13 years of age, and here I am alive. It lessens survivors guilt and makes me feel like this is the way I am, do something with my soul, know how, community, cancer and Pablove. The youth is where it’s at. They shouldn’t be undermined or underestimated. My photos talk about the lonely tribulations I underwent, my faith on the edge but family, friends, my healing team replenished my faith in me, in Allah to keep going and to keep living. The remission, the overcoming of those lonely tribulations by unity, love and faith. Now I’m up and about still learning, still growing, still learning about myself, and living. I’m that one fish deep in the water with its own light. Photography impacted me by creating my own light in the deep by living a lifestyle I thought didn’t correspond to me, a photographer. I’ll have a photography career (aiming for Nat Geo), fixing cameras, and Mechanical Engineering. I see myself with my camera at hand advocating for pediatric cancer research, and for access and affordability to healthcare. With my camera at hand I’ll forever be a Pablove Shutterbug.