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Ever since I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in eighth grade, I have focused on the positive and happy things within the circumstances. It is important for me to be an advocate for pediatric cancer through photography so that I can spread positive hope that patients of cancer experience events and feelings that are not only unique to us, but also universal. This connects people from different circumstances and allows people to talk about subjects like cancer without feeling a sense of disconnection.

Through my photos, I would like to show my emotions and characteristics I gained through my experience with pediatric cancer. My story is filled with both my inner circle of my family’s love and self-reflection through nature and the outside world.

Photography has greatly impacted my life since it has provided me an outlet to express my feelings without any words. Since there is no set rules and restrictions, photography is an aspect in my life that gives me freedom and a sense of peace. From my very first class with Pablove back when I started my chemotherapy treatments, it has taught me how our stories through our photographs are all very special and important.