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Most stories start out with “Such and such was an ordinary kid when tragedy struck.” However, TyAnn is no ordinary kid. In fact she is extraordinary in every way. At a very young age she was volunteering alongside her mother with organizations such as World Vision, Children’s Hunger Fund and Slavery No More.

When she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at 13 years of age, she took on the toughest battle of her life and never lost faith along the way. Although she lost the vision in her right eye due to the cancer, her talent and resolve to rise above has propelled her art to the next level.

TyAnn says, “I want to be an advocate for childhood cancer because no child should have to spend their days fighting for their lives. While most kids are starting their first day of high school, I was starting chemo. Seeing all the young kids suffering in the cancer ward first-hand would move anyone to want to put an end to the ugly thing called cancer. I don’t let cancer define me and I hope I can help other kids to take the same stance.”