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In modern society, people often try to avoid talking about uncomfortable topics. One such topic is pediatric cancer. Talking from personal experience, most people have the idea of cancer twisted. They believe it can’t be cured, and that being diagnosed with cancer is like being issued a death sentence. People know that those who have cancer lose their hair, but they do not know why. They think most of the harmful side effects are a result of the cancer, not the chemotherapy that’s supposed to get rid of it.


I want to be an advocate for pediatric cancer because I want to educate people and let them know the truth about cancer. The reason people are so uneducated about cancer is because they’re afraid of it – they don’t want to talk or hear about it. If other topics such as human trafficking and abuse are talked about freely, why shouldn’t cancer? People change the channel when an advertisement about cancer comes up, as they would rather ignore the problem than face it. This is why I believe pediatric cancer is something that should be discussed today.