New Year’s Resolution: Capturing Life + Joy

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Kaela, January’s Artist of the Month, has an optimistic message to share: capture moments of happiness. Her fun, colorful, and playful collection reflects her enthusiastic outlook on life. Each image reflects Kaela’s hope for the future, and if you look closely, you may see a few symbols and insightful titles that inspire you, too.  

But don’t take it from us – the artist will tell you herself! Kaela, a Pablove Shutterbug from Dover, Ohio, and brain cancer survivor says: “The photos that I took, I captured a moment, and capturing moments of happiness is really important. So, if I’m having a rough time I can look at them and remember the experience.” Let’s take a closer look!

Kaela, 18 years old, Beauty in Chaos

“Beauty in Chaos”

How did this frenetic, buzzy, yet vibrant photo come to be? Kaela used a slow shutter speed to snap this electric image, taken during The Swiss Festival in Sugarcreek, OH. She digs deep to find meaning in this photograph: “I titled it ‘Beauty in Chaos’ it because in all chaos you can find beauty- there are so many beautiful colors and lights – you can find that anywhere in life.”

Kaela, 18 years old, Divine Signature

“Divine Signature”  

While this photo is beautiful and intriguing at first glance, there is more than meets the eye. How did Kaela achieve the subtle, watery reflection of rural farmland at sunset? Her secret: she placed her camera on the top of her car to take the photo! Kaela explains, “I named it ‘Divine Signature’ because my life is very faith-based and I saw God’s beauty in the sky, how He shows who He is by giving us a beautiful sunset.”   

Kaela, 18 years old, Untitled


What do you see first in this photograph? Kaela used her own purple glasses to create a focal point in this playful image. By focusing through the glasses lens to the buildings in the background, she creates an engaging composition, and a masterpiece in our book. She expertly frames the scene from a unique viewpoint – and captures the Midwestern charm of downtown Akron, OH.

Kaela, 18 years old, "Hanging On"

“Hanging On”

Finally, and most fittingly, Kaela took this crisp and colorful image using worm’s eye view on her 19th birthday. While she was literally holding on to the balloons while taking the photo, her title, “Hanging On”, has a more significant message: “…after everything I’ve been through, hanging on to hope and positivity is important. I often say that in your struggle you find strength.” A powerful message behind an equally powerful image.

“I’ve had brain cancer since I was 17. I’ve had several surgeries and been through chemo. Right now my tumors are considered stable. I’m still fighting this every day. I will beat this!! Taking a photo captures a moment, it captures the excitement, the joy, the love, the surprise, the life of someone. Life is fleeting but a photograph is forever.” – Kaela

Kaela is a sophomore at Kent State University in Dover, OH. She is majoring in psychology and is always snapping photos in her free time. Need proof? Just check out her Instagram.

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  • Beautiful pictures with so much meaning. Good job Kae.

    by Mary Bullock on January 8, 2016

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