Discovering the Hidden Beauty: Summer Camp + Beyond!

Erin Baron is a 20 year old, creative and insightful Shutterbug. Hailing from Hackensack, NJ, Erin first enrolled in the Shutterbugs program when she was 17 and was one of our first students from outside of Los Angeles to attend our Summer Camp in Lake Arrowhead, CA this year! This collection highlights the phenomenal work Erin created during the Pablove Shutterbugs 5-Week program, as well as her Alumni Summer Camp experience.
Erin is currently studying fine arts in college and when she’s not in class, she works part-time for a local jeweler. Anyone who has had the chance to get to know Erin, or even look at her photographs, has learned that she has a keen eye for discovering the hidden beauty that surrounds her and is also a woman of many artistic trades! When asked about her future plans, Erin sees several creative options: an art teacher, owning her own art or photography studio, being a tattoo artist (she’s designed the majority of her own 8 tattoos!) or as a back-up—a flight attendant, which would allow her to travel the world while photographing it!


“Fly Away”

This first featured photograph captures the essence of taking flight. Taken at Six Flags, Erin noticed that this ride “looked really cool” but had no idea what it was. She describes it as resembling a “big star” until it was in motion. The angle at which the image is taken is her favorite part of the photograph.


“The Door”

Playing with angles is something Erin does often in her work—though at times unintentional. In this image, Erin was wandering around during free time in Shutterbugs class, which happened to be held at the community college that she attends in New Jersey. She noticed the shadows on the men’s restroom door and was drawn to its eerie and mysterious appearance. Her instinct created a very dramatic print.

DSCN0168“The Look”

This is a fan favorite – it was featured in the New Jersey Gallery show and will be exhibited again in our upcoming show Childhood Cancer: In Perspective this month at the CO Architects Gallery in Los Angeles. This image was taken at an apple festival near Erin’s home. Our artist simply turned the camera and snapped this intriguing self-portrait, showing that sometimes one can capture a magical image even when they least expect it.

DSCN0400“Lonely Glasses”

Last but not least, this image was one of Erin’s standout shots from Alumni Summer Camp this year. Erin’s personal style of photography is to find a unique way of displaying something she finds beautiful. Her method closely related to our summer camp’s theme of finding hidden beauty. I think you will agree that Erin was truly able to excel at this concept and create great work. Her approach to the lessons was to find the balance between her personal style and following the guidelines of her assignments. She made sure to accomplish her vision with  every image. What Erin likes most about this photograph is the questions that it poses for the viewer: Where is the person who wears these glasses? Why are they on the ground?  She believes that this photo evokes a mysterious and abandoned feeling.  We agree – a thought-provoking image indeed!

Erin’s favorite part of her Pablove Shutterbugs experience has been meeting new people of all ages. After attending summer camp, she’s excited about having new friends all across the country, staying connected, and hopefully even flying to visit one day. Erin hopes that other Pablove Shutterbugs from across the country will have the same amazing opportunity to participate in the Alumni Summer Camp at Lake Arrowhead!

When reflecting on her photography experience in relationship with her cancer experience, Erin says, “I was diagnosed really young, at 2, and didn’t have a very happy, lively, colorful childhood. I like to switch that up in my photos. Flip the uncolored childhood into colorful, happy photos. I like to change the negatives into positives. Change the negative childhood into a positive photo and a happy future. I think people should buy prints from Pablove Printshop in order to see where and how we see beauty.”

As you can see with this collection, she is on the right path to the happy future she envisions.

Click here to view images and purchase from Erin’s collection. 

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