Dancing through the lens of a Shutterbug

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we have selected the talented Shutterbug Antonella as our Artist of the Month!   

Antonella is currently featured in our Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) collection on pabloveprints.org.  Born and raised in New York City, Antonella is a true veteran and avid supporter of the Pablove Shutterbugs program. She is a passionate photographer, a beautiful ballerina, aspires to become an architect; and loves her family above all else.

Antonella first learned about the Pablove Shutterbugs program when she was just five years old, and waited patiently until she turned six to participate. And now at 10 she is one of our rock star students–having participated every year since 2012! “I liked how interactive [Shutterbugs class] was.” Antonella said, “all [of the students] got along when we were learning and taking pictures together. That’s why I did it again… and because I like taking pictures too!” Antonella is currently in 5th grade and when she’s not in school or taking photographs, she is attending ballet classes at the American Ballet Theater (ABT).



This first featured image, “Spiral,” was taken at ABT the day of Antonella’s audition. Antonella was practicing the bird’s eye and worm’s eye view techniques that she learned in class and was able to capture this dizzying image. She also danced her way into the ABT program the same day! Her next featured photograph, “On my Way,” captures  Antonella’s train ride over to ABT. It is fascinating to witness Antonella’s ballet journey through her amazing photography portfolio. En pointe, Antonella!



“On my Way”

Aside from ballet–Antonella enjoys photographing her family. She loves to take pictures of her siblings because “they are always around” her.The following image is her favorite out of this series because she loves to see her brothers in motion. Antonella is home schooled and explained that one of her assignments was to “run across the room.” She immediately thought this would be a great opportunity to take a picture of her brothers.



Antonella’s brothers have been stars of her photographs. We agree that they are great subjects (and super cute). This final featured photograph is actually a replica of an image Antonella took during her first Shutterbugs session. “Statue” reimagines an image she captured and shows her dedication to continuously growing in her craft and making sure all of her siblings have a chance to be a model!



Antonella and her mom expressed that even though Antonella has been off treatment for a few years they are incredibly blessed to have received so much support from their community and programs like Pablove Shutterbugs. Antonella is still shooting away, capturing an abundance of selfies and pictures of her family with her mom’s phone camera. Antonella strongly encourages supporters to purchase prints from the Pablove Prints Shop. “The money we get helps cancer research,” she said, ”and that research helps save lives.”
We are incredibly proud of Antonella and all that she has accomplished thus far artistically and for childhood cancer research. We are confident that we will be seeing more of this young artist.

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  • Wow, incredible. That’s my niece. God bless her always. She is a little beautiful Warrior. God has blessed her in many ways.

    by Emmanuele Rodriguez on October 20, 2016

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