Divine Inspiration

There is plenty to celebrate for our newest Artist of the Month, Nadine. This Pablove Shutterbug recently graduated from the Los Angeles 8-week program, and she will be finishing up her chemotherapy in April! Nadine is 20 years old, from Los Angeles, and in addition to photography, she also loves to bake and spend time with her family. Nadine hopes that she will be able to attend a bible college so that she can understand the Bible more closely and deepen her spirituality. Now, let’s learn more about Nadine’s creative process and the inspiration for her work!

Nadine enjoyed photography before starting the Pablove Shutterbugs program, and through the one-on-one mentorship and classes at the Getty Center, she has learned about camera angles and expanded her creativity. Her favorite aspect of photography is composition, which she said “really make the difference.” Nadine drew much of her inspiration for these photos from the Bible and titled these beautifully framed images with some of her favorite verses.


I am the Vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, bears much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. – John 15:5

This vibrant photo is Nadine’s favorite from this series of her work. She loves the bright colors of the oranges and leaves, but the tree itself holds some personal significance. This tree is located at her grandmother’s house, and she said she often eats these oranges when she visits.

I knew you before I formed you, before you were born I set you apart. -Jeremiah 1:5


The photo above is a great example of Nadine’s favorite subject to photograph: people! She loves capturing candid photos of people because it shows a more real and genuine view of their personality. Nadine notes that even though sometimes they don’t turn out well, there are many times, when they do.

Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  – 1 Corinthians 10:31

Nadine captured an incredible moment here as the sun settled into the center of the basketball net. This hoop is at her house, and she said she likes to play basketball with her siblings. This photo is sure to speak to anyone who has a love of basketball.

Let your light shine before others. – Matthew 5:16

Nadine and her mentor worked together closely to create this inventive image. She turned the lights off and moved the camera in a circular motion while using filters from the camera settings. The light creating these swirly lines is actually coming from Christmas lights that were hanging against a curtain!

Even though Nadine is now a graduate of the Pablove Shutterbugs program, she plans on continuing photography and taking more pictures than ever before! Her favorite parts about being a Shutterbug were getting a camera and learning all the different ways to take pictures. When asked why supporters should purchase her prints, Nadine simply said, “for the cause!”

We are so impressed by the body of work Nadine created over the last couple of months, and we can’t wait to see what else she will capture in beautiful ways. Go Nadine!

Dancing through the lens of a Shutterbug

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we have selected the talented Shutterbug Antonella as our Artist of the Month!   

Antonella is currently featured in our Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) collection on pabloveprints.org.  Born and raised in New York City, Antonella is a true veteran and avid supporter of the Pablove Shutterbugs program. She is a passionate photographer, a beautiful ballerina, aspires to become an architect; and loves her family above all else.

Antonella first learned about the Pablove Shutterbugs program when she was just five years old, and waited patiently until she turned six to participate. And now at 10 she is one of our rock star students–having participated every year since 2012! “I liked how interactive [Shutterbugs class] was.” Antonella said, “all [of the students] got along when we were learning and taking pictures together. That’s why I did it again… and because I like taking pictures too!” Antonella is currently in 5th grade and when she’s not in school or taking photographs, she is attending ballet classes at the American Ballet Theater (ABT).



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Superhero Shutterbug!

Have you ever met a real life superhero? Meet 17 year old Daniel, our October artist of the month, who traded in his cape for a camera. When Daniel was diagnosed with cancer at nine years old, his doctors gave him a 20 percent chance of survival. Eight years later and he is still here, a proud survivor making incredible art.

Hailing from New Orleans, Daniel participated in our Shutterbugs five week class during the Spring of 2016. He initially signed up because he thought it would be something new and interesting to do, but it quickly led to much more. Soon, Daniel started looking forward to getting out of the house and having the opportunity to interact with other kids that live with cancer.

Daniel’s first featured image will be displayed in our upcoming New Orleans

Gallery Show on Tuesday, October 25. His favorite activity outside of school is to play video games on his iPad and spend time outdoors. On one of Daniel’s recent  excursions, he found his brother’s soccer ball seemingly abandoned or forgotten and took the opportunity to combine a number of the techniques he learned in class including composition, lighting, shadow, and framing.



The image is called “Chase,” named after Daniel’s brother. Chase is just one of Daniel’s nine siblings. “It’s really crazy [having all of these siblings],” Daniel said, “but it’s fun and never quiet.” Daniel has tried to photograph his siblings but explained that some of his brothers do not like to stop moving long enough to have their picture taken. By the looks of this soccer ball, Chase may be one of the siblings who does not like to slow down.

Daniel has an incredibly keen eye when it comes to framing his photographs and mastered every lesson in the five week course. He is currently a freshman in high school and while geometry may not be his strongest subject, he managed to make mundane math tools look incredibly interesting. Our next featured image from Daniel is entitled, “Do You See A Square?” Daniel took this photo as a homework assignment for class. “My dad helped me put an interesting perspective on it,” Daniel said, “the name of that tool is a square and the assignment was to take a photo of a square!”  


“Do You See A Square?”

This next image is Daniel’s favorite of his collection. He loves that it is tricky, which makes it all the more interesting. “What Do You See?” was both a challenging and rewarding image for Daniel to capture –  on his knees, pressed against the side of his family’s van waiting to snap this perfect moment. “It was luck I guess!” said Daniel, “An interesting picture sometimes involves luck. I was trying to get a picture of the sky from right against the car and the reflection did something that I wasn’t expecting.”


“What Do You See?”

Daniel’s final image is not only fantastic but is directly connected one of his other photographs. In yet another example of stellar framing, Daniel was able to photograph his family without even needing them to be in the image. The photo entitled “The Van” features the same 12 passenger van utilized to capture the reflection imagery in “What Do You See?” Daniel was surprised that such a simplistic image came out to be so striking and powerful. Clearly, he has mastered the ability to make the ordinary look extraordinary!


“The Van”

Daniel has continued to take photographs after participating in Shutterbugs and even served as the photographer for his church’s production of Noah’s Ark. The more Daniel works with photography, the more he realizes that he is inspired by his dad’s brother who is a professional photographer. “Before I had cancer, we would go to his house and take a family photo every year,” says Daniel, “he’s taken some great Christmas photos! He would do a regular photo and then we would all do a silly one afterward.” At this rate, Daniel may soon be taking his Uncle’s place as the family photographer. Daniel urges his new fans to continue supporting The Pablove Foundation and the Shutterbugs program. “Never give up hope about finding a cure for cancer. Never give up hope.”

Discovering the Hidden Beauty: Summer Camp + Beyond!

Erin Baron is a 20 year old, creative and insightful Shutterbug. Hailing from Hackensack, NJ, Erin first enrolled in the Shutterbugs program when she was 17 and was one of our first students from outside of Los Angeles to attend our Summer Camp in Lake Arrowhead, CA this year! This collection highlights the phenomenal work Erin created during the Pablove Shutterbugs 5-Week program, as well as her Alumni Summer Camp experience.
Erin is currently studying fine arts in college and when she’s not in class, she works part-time for a local jeweler. Anyone who has had the chance to get to know Erin, or even look at her photographs, has learned that she has a keen eye for discovering the hidden beauty that surrounds her and is also a woman of many artistic trades! When asked about her future plans, Erin sees several creative options: an art teacher, owning her own art or photography studio, being a tattoo artist (she’s designed the majority of her own 8 tattoos!) or as a back-up—a flight attendant, which would allow her to travel the world while photographing it!


“Fly Away”

This first featured photograph captures the essence of taking flight. Taken at Six Flags, Erin noticed that this ride “looked really cool” but had no idea what it was. She describes it as resembling a “big star” until it was in motion. The angle at which the image is taken is her favorite part of the photograph.

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You Decide!

Who’s our June Artist of the Month? 

We’re so over the moon about the upcoming San Francisco Bay Area Gallery Show we couldn’t pick just one artist to feature this month – so we decided to showcase 19!

Why 19, you may ask? Each photograph was taken by a student who participated in our San Francisco Bay Area program this year. The work by these talented “Artist(s) of the Month” is on display at the Studio Gallery in San Francisco on June 11.

PSST: here’s a sneak preview, just for you! Can’t make it to the show? You can still view the collection, purchase their work here + fund childhood cancer research at the same time!