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December Artist of the Month: Isaac

This December, we’re showing some love for our home city of Los Angeles. With our Gallery Show coming up in just a few days, we’re showcasing one of our talented Los Angeles alums, Isaac. He lives in South LA, works in music, and has participated in both our 8-week mentorship program and our Alumni Summer Camp.

Isaac’s portfolio of photographs is a thoughtful and personal reflection that paints a picture of him as a talented photographer, musician, and creative thinker. It’s no doubt that these photos are easy on the eyes, but what’s truly impactful are the stories he has to tell about them. Let’s take a glimpse!

Isaac, 19 years old, Swept Out
“Swept Out”

This camera is retro-cool in a totally new context – the beach!  How did he achieve this larger-than-life photo with it’s dreamy glow? Isaac reflects, “I liked the look of it- two tone color- that day was pretty cloudy. The water feels calm. I wanted to project this image of something unreal, you’ll never see this. It looks bigger than the ocean.”

Isaac, 19 years old, Levels

This next photo of an ordinary sound mixer turned extraordinary through the camera lens shares Isaac’s love for music. He plays in a band and is a producer to boot. He got into sound mixing while he was undergoing the difficult and isolating experience of cancer treatment- the one thing he could do was record, and from that he learned the technique of music editing. For Isaac, this photo is very personal. It symbolizes control, and the cathartic effect the music had on him during a difficult phase of treatment.

Isaac, 19 years old, Pacific Sky
“Pacific Sky”

This image is sure to relax you, with its delightful inky blue hues and dynamic composition. Isaac captures the last pieces of light as the sun fades behind the palms in this beautiful landscape photograph, taken from the roof of his house.Isaac, 19 years old, Tri-Selfie

Finally, we get to meet the artist himself in this three-part self portrait – a triptych. The warm, golden hue of the cymbal contrasts nicely against the cobalt blue of his shirt- making it stand out- which is exactly what the artist intended! Isaac says, “…you could take those three pictures apart and could tell three different stories. Once you put it all together it tells one story- holding on to something you love, it relaxes you. I’ve been drumming since I was 6, it projects exactly what the item means to me.”

“Pablove has pushed me to the edge where I want to learn more, improve my photographs, and I want to be able to express myself even better. For me, when I’m older, I’ll remember what these photos mean to me; they remind me that I beat a battle and there will be another one that I just need to beat. ” – Isaac

Isaac is 20 years old and lives in Los Angeles. His passion is music- he works as a sound engineer in Hollywood and plays guitar in a band called “All For Love” with his two sisters. Photography is a new way to express himself visually, and he uses the skills he learned to create music videos and shoot concerts. Rock on, Isaac!

P.S. If you’re local to LA, stop by FLOOD Magazine Gallery on Saturday, December 5th to view + purchase photography by Isaac, and others from students in our Los Angeles 2015 class! The Gallery Show collection can also be viewed online here.

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